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The journey to wellness is one that is accompanied by doubt, temptation, successes and failures. Which foods to eat? How to complete our nutrition? Do our children and the elderly have different needs and what are they? Why do I overeat even though I know I should't? Why are all the tasty foods bad for me and my family? Why doesn't the size of my *** decrease? How do I eat everything I want and still not gain weight?

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We’ve got everything you need to lose weight and keep it off!

Lots of Food

Most diet plans make you eat the same boring things in the same boring way, day after day and week after week. When you're done, you've lost some weight and the moment you begin eating a normal diet, it's all back again. Our plans have lots of different foods so you and your family can eat normally and yet lose weight.

Accurate Data

The accuracy of any diet plan depends on the data that's behind it. If we don't know how many calories are present in a dish, we certainly can't help anyone lose any weight. Our data comes from Indian and International sources, is very detailed and gives us all the information we need to address your weight loss needs.

Precise Nutrition

Our plans are very precise when it comes to measuring your nutrition. We make every effort to ensure that every plan delivers complete nutrition to our clients. In some cases, due to dietary restrictions, if there are any deficiencies, we let you know which supplements you may wish to consider adding to your day.

Customised & Flexible

Our plans are built according to what you want and how you want it. We are happy to include your favourite foods, family preferences and any other requirements you may have. We offer a number of options and are happy for you to ask for changes, substitutions and anything else you believe will help you follow the plan.

Humans + Technology

We use a best-in-class mixture of extensive technology assisting our team in creating nutritionally complete, precise and flexible meal plans. Our technology helps us in choosing the right foods, assists in balancing calorie and nutrient levels, maintain client preferences, offer multiple plan formats, and much more.

Free Weight Loss EBook

We love what we do, and even wrote a book about it!

Weight Loss Questions, Answered


This book was written based on questions asked by regular people about their weight. Download now and see for yourself.

Weight Loss Questions, Answered

Helpful pictures and illustrations

Every picture in the book is accompanied by nutritional information that in some cases, may surprise you.

Weight Loss Questions, Answered

Informative charts

The final section of the book contains useful reference charts and more such information.

Weight Loss Questions, Answered

Interesting questions

Every question the author was asked, was answered, including some really funny ones!

If he can do it...

Seriously, look at him!

This chap couldn't see his own toes for 20 years! You're already better off than he is.

So can you!

If he can, anyone can.

Losing weight is one thing and keeping it off is another. In this case, both happened.

I was fat, couldn't walk properly, couldn't wear the things I wanted to and was constantly being advised by everyone around me, even strangers and random people at parties! I signed up and am surprised that I have so much food to eat all day, and yet my total calories are less than what I eat.

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Raksha Mann Ludhiana

I'm thrilled with the meal plans! They're exactly what I want (I had to send them feedback for this which they used to change my plans), I don't have to starve or eat boring things. All in all, happy happy! :)

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Priya Keswani New Delhi

Being a working woman, it is difficult to look after my own diet and nutrition, though I do this for my family. These plans have helped me not worry about my own health and all I have to do is follow them and everything is fine.

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Gayathri Prem Hyderabad